WOB 018 – Madisonair – Aster EP

WOB 018 – Madisonair - Aster EP

Release Date: 16th June 2014

The project Madisonair is enclosed in having reached an experimental affinity of the many colors of electronic music. The sound that emerges is still constantly changing, looking for his own musical identity.

The music often includes  collaboration coming from different musicians and they continually encourage experimenting new sounds and different approaches that allow the evolution of the project.

Inside the EP you can find  the collaboration with saxophonists Francesco Balducci and Ronny Bellagotti, Getaway is the name of track that combine electronic with acoustical component.

The sound is strictly Electro Funk, beating around 120 BPM. Some instruments are really important in the musical texture, like guitars, pads and brass. The basic idea  is insane creativeness that produce “madness sound”  able to merge thoughts and emotions.


Madisonair – Aster (Original Mix)

Madisonair – Gear (Original Mix)

Madisonair – Frantic  (Original Mix)

Madisonair – Getaway feat. Buldu & Ronny (Original Mix)

Madness is in all of us. Give a chance to your madness!



WOB 017 – Wobble Lovers, Mr Mee Roy, Rayna, Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. EP

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WOB 017 – Wobble Lovers, Mr Mee Roy, Rayna, Ganji Killah


Wobble Lovers feat. Rayna & Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. (Original Mix)

Mr Mee Roy feat. Rayna & Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. (Original Mix)

Wobble Lovers feat. Rayna & Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. (Instrumental)

Mr Mee Roy feat. Rayna & Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. (Instrumental)

Wobble Lovers feat. Rayna & Ganji Killah – W.Y.F.P. (Acappella)

What’s your fucking problems man?  :) I’m joking… The 2013′s Remix Contest is finished with an awesome winner track by Mr. Mee Roy. Big thank to all the participants and followers! Now we are going to present a double side EP made by Wobble Lovers, Rayna, Ganji Killah and Mr. Mee Roy. Huge kick drums for your ears, this is real Trap-Hip Hop from the earth of Italy, so we recommend that you turn up the volume until your speakers blow out! It also includes two instrumentals and acappella tools.

W.Y.F.P. è l’acronimo di What’s your fucking problems? Il testo di questo brano scherza in maniera ironica con le situazioni imbarazzanti che si possono creare all’interno del Club. La miscela musicale prende ispirazione dal suono d’oltreoceano che unisce Hip Hop ed elettronica nella Trap Music che esplode con potenti percussioni della tipica drum machine Roland 808. Questo brano accoglie per la prima volta in casa Wobble Records la collaborazione di Ganji Killah con una versione prodotta da Wobble Lovers e la classica partecipazione di Rayna. Il secondo brano è il vincitore del Remix Contest 2013 dal produttore toscano Mr Mee Roy che colpisce in pieno il bersaglio con una base Hip Hop. Vi presentiamo un EP double side che contiene le due versioni originali e le strumentali e in aggiunta una traccia acappella.



Remix Contest 2013 Winner Track by Mr Mee Roy

The 2013 Remix Contest ends with an awesome winner track by Mr. Mee Roy. Big thank to all the participants for having worked on this song. On 2014 will be released EP which contains the best of Trap Music of Wobble Records. Now enjoy this preview and have fun tonight at NYE 2013. See you soon guys!!!

Il nostro Remix Contest 2013 si conclude con una grandiosa produzione di Mr. Mee Roy. Un enorme ringraziamento a tutti i partecipanti per aver lavorato su questa canzone. nel 2014 sarà pubblicato l’EP che contiene il meglio della Trap Music di Wobble Records. Ora godetevi questa anteprima e  buon festeggiamento per stasera. A presto ragazzi!


Baxter Beez Guest Mix for French Toast Radio

Hi there to everyone!! Here at Wobble Records headquarters is never too late to discover and follow what’s going on through our rooster. Baxter Beez came out with on outstandin’ guest mix for French Toast Radio that blowed our hears and face away. Impossible not to share and to speak about a bit, we love this kind of music.
Different for the usual style we expected from his riddims and basses, this time he gives a deep opportunity to check what’s happening in the english and more classic house scene. Expecially the 2-step, uk garage and uk funky one. Those lookin’ back tracks are nothing than what they seems: they update already know timbres and drums from 90s giving new modern flavor and punching grooves.
A lot of already well known producers huuge labels are mentioned and remixed in this cool selecta, playlist follows…listen carefully but don’t forget to share it as it’s a golden piece of technique and beat matching ability!

Leftwing & Kody – Tough Jam
Habson – Alright
Night Drugs – Niteclap (feat. Kool Clap)
Two Charming Men – I want (Effy remix)
Mason – Affected (Kastle remix)
Pikcha – Come Closer
Sub Focus – Tidal Wave (Shadow Child remix)
U Know & The Drill – I Need You
Aluna George – You Know You Like It (Tchami remix)
Prophit – I’m Out My Mind (Hit The Curb remix)

From Frank McWeeny Radio Show, played  from London to Tokyo like French Radio London, Radio Lazer (France), UDANCE (China), Block FM (Japan)…


Wobble Records Label Party #2 Firenze


Giovedi 21 Novembre 2013

☛ Ore 18 presentazione Remix Contest Gold Via Gioberti 54R

☛ Ore 23 Live Showcase FullMusic Firenze via Baracca, 1


Facebook Event :


✎ Wobble Records nasce a Firenze nel 2011 come etichetta indipendente che pubblica e diffonde nuovi generi di Bass Music come Moombahton, Glitch Hop, Trap & Kuduro.
Questo evento presenta il Remix Contest rivolto a DJ e Produttori per creare un brano con le strofe vocali di Rayna e Ganji Killah.
Doppio appuntamento con aperitivo di presentazione presso il negozio Gold, in seguito dalle ore 23 Full Music Firenze ospiterà Live Showcase dei migliori artisti dell’etichetta.


Visita il sito per scaricare 2 strofe vocali e crea il tuo remix entro il 22 Dicembre 2013. Il vincitore potrà pubblicare il brano nel prossimo EP di Wobble Records


Label Party #1 Photo

You are all Party Lovers! Thanks to everyone joined our show. Wobble Records It’s Panda Party

Photo by JJ Ginger

Gash Rouge


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Remix Contest 2013

Presentiamo il Remix Contest 2013 per Produttori e Beatmaker.

Componi il tuo Beat con le voci di Rayna & Ganji Killah!

I brani verranno selezionati in cerca della migliore produzione che sarà inclusa nella prossimo album di Wobble Records. Al vincitore verrà offerta la possibilità di mixing e mastering del brano + la distribuzione digitale e in copie fisiche del prodotto finale.

Per partecipare basta scaricare i sample vocali, comporre un brano e inviare una mail. Unica regola : le parti vocali devono essere utilizzate completamente, nella loro integrità e struttura. La parte musicale è libera, sono accettati tutti i generi musicali, arrangiamenti acustici o produzioni elettroniche.

Ora tocca a voi!


Today we present Remix Contest for Beatmaker.

Create your own beat with the voices of Rayna & Ganji Killah!

The songs will be selected in search of the best music production, that will be included in next Wobble Records album. It will be offered a studio mixing and mastering of the winner track + digital distribution and physical copies of the final product.

To enter the battle just download the sample pack and compose music and then send us an email with your song. The only rule: you must use vocal part fully, in their integrity and structure. Music composition is free, all genres are accepted. Acoustic arrangements or electronic productions are welcome.

Now it’s your time!


Download Samples Here :

Original tempo : 140 BPM

Send to :

Deadline : 22th December 2013

Like Us :




WOB FREE – Moombahton Beat #6

Drum loops Moombahton dedicated to your Music Production

Set your sequencer to 110 Bpm and you cut every loops in time

Feel free to use these sample and send us your tracks!

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